Using MCT Coconut Powder and MCT Coconut Oil in your Healthy Lifestyle

MCT Coconut Oil and MCT Powder can be easily used in the same way. It is a special food for health and sport enthusiasts. A spoon full of MCT powder can be mixed into the water bottle, morning oats smoothie, or even coffee &tea to supply an instant energy needed for sports & workouts. It will remain in your body all 24 hours of the day. It is also effective in burning fat to reduce weight and belly fat.

Pre-workout Energy supplements
  • MCTs are quick burning fats. They produce KETONES and supply  energy to brain & body.
  • For KETO & Weight loss Diets
  • ENERGY produced and sustained throughout the day
  • Production of Ketones will supply energy to brain cells and prevent them from dying. MCT is brain fuel
  • Boost Mental clarity, thinking power, Rich in C8 Caprylic Acid
  • Used as a control against dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • MCT Oil will give 24 hour all day energy so that tiredness will be reduced. Use as a pre-workout supplement
  • Healthy and Nutritious as a Coffee creamer. As an alternative to palm oil based mass market coffee creamers
  • Bulletproof coffee creamer. You can mix a table spoon of MCT coconut oil or MCT coconut powder to your coffee. It will multiply the antioxidant properties of coffee and prevent dryness in stomach caused by plain coffee
MCT Coconut Oil and Powder is the Natural organic choice against high sugar artificial supplements
Conventional MCT Coconut Powder - Ingredients for non vegan, dairy, conventional MCT Powder : Coconut Based MCT Oil, Maltodextrin, Sodium Caseinate
Organic MCT Coconut Powder - Ingredients for vegan, non dairy, organic MCT Powder : Organic Coconut based MCT Oil, Organic Rice Maltodextrin 
MCT Coconut Oil as a Pre-workout drink