MCT Coconut Oil for Weight loss and Control Diabetes, Alzheimer’s

Beyond the popular knowledge of glucose/sugar drinks being used as energy drinks, there is another form of producing energy named as “ketones”. In mother’s breast milk , the fatty acid named “Lauric acid” is contained. A baby is given only breast milk during the first stage and it is instantly burnt and converted to energy in the baby’s mouth.

Mothers Breast Milk is a fast burning fat – It is MCT
Mothers breast milk is the immunity booster and nourishment for a baby for the first few months – Power of MCT

MCT oil behaves in the same way. If we look into the food culture of East Asia; seaweed, leafy greens, nuts & seeds, fish, soup, soy foods, noodles, sticky rice will make up the picture. In general, a “KETOGENIC DIET” is like this. Energy is produced by converting fats. For this action, the fats consumed by us should be very simple and easy to break down (they should be short or medium chain fatty acids). If we take in “heavy fats”, the body cannot break them down, and the end result is, it will get stored as fat.

Benefit of this form of energy is that, it is used in brain functions (Glucose energy is not useful in brain, Glucose is for muscle energy). This boosts immunity and the risk of blood sugar level increase is avoided in this type of energy intake. Since energy is not produced from carbohydrates or sugars, it is helpful in losing belly fat. Good fats are needed in the body to absorb nutrients like vitamins, mineral and anti-oxidants. Digestion is improved and more nutrients are absorbed. When it is mixed with coffee, the absorption of anti-oxidants is improved, and the dryness in the stomach caused by coffee is avoided by MCT. So this is called bulletproof coffee. It gives a unique creamy flavor too.

When one table spoon of MCT oil is consumed 15 minutes before a meal, the total energy requirement of the body is fulfilled. Thereafter the body will not breakdown the food intake extensively to store as glucose. Thus the amount of sugar added into blood would be reduced.

Second reason is; since the energy needs are fulfilled the amount of food intake would be naturally reduced. This process helps to lose weight in 4 weeks. It is called “The Ketogenic Diet” – using fats to generate energy, stopping sugar and carbohydrates. Currently the most popular health trends in the world “DO THE KETO”. MCT Coconut Oil can be used to control diabetes, Alzheimer’s diseases, pre-work out energy drink, and to lose weight / belly fat.

Weight loss with MCT Coconut Oil
Bulletproof coffee creamer – MCT Coconut Oil

Though Cinnamon, Bitter gourd, start fruit, Thebu leaves instantly reduce sugar levels, a second problem arises when there is no source to fulfill energy of the body. What MCT does is; it first generates energy and prevents the requirement of sugar. A sustainable solution. Drink MCT first and consume Cinnamon, Bitter gourd, star fruit, Thebu leaves.

Control diabetes with MCT Coconut oil
The new Pre-workout energy drink MCT Coconut Oil

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