Virgin Coconut Oil Bad for Deep Frying – Cancer ?

No…… No……. No……. Never. Virgin Coconut Oil is extra safe in deep frying.

It is a wrong message the general public has got to know, and lots of people seem to believe it. The above statement is regarding Virgin Olive oil. Olive oil is made-up of 80% unsaturated fats ( chemistry knowledge, unsaturated fats have a double bond between carbon atoms in the fatty acid chain). When virgin olive oil undergoes deep frying or high temperature cooking, these fatty acid chains break apart from that double bond location. After breaking apart and due to high heat, next they form carcinogenic or cancer causing compounds. So virgin olive oil is bad for deep frying and high temperature cooking.

Deep frying in Oil
Virgin Olive Oil for Deep Frying ?

Virgin Coconut Oil is made up of 90% saturated fats (medium and long chains). Saturated fats have carbon atoms surrounded with hydrogen atoms, and they have no double bond in the fatty acid chain. So in high temperature deep frying, the fatty acid chain will not break apart. From normal coconut oil to virgin coconut oil, all coconut oil types are fully stable in high heat and do not create carcinogenic compounds like in olive oil.

Virgin Coconut Oil is stable in deep frying
There is a DOUBLE BOND (the break point) in Unsaturated Fast

The easily breakable property of olive oil (that is why olive oil is stored in dark green black bottles. The fats in olive oil easily break when heat is applied)is beneficial in raw cooking or as a salad dressing. Because it breaks apart in your body easily and turn into energy without depositing in the body. But if heat is applied, the broken fats re create themselves as carcinogenic compounds to harm your body. Virgin olive oil best preforms as a raw oil or low temperature cooking.

Olive oil should be stored in dark bottles.
The fats will break apart
Traditionally Coconut Oil is used for deep frying of “Kawum”

Not all saturated fats are good for you. Because saturated fats are not breakable, so when you eat high saturated fat food like pork, it stores in your body. But coconut oil is made of small or medium size saturated fats, which again are transformed into energy instantly as you eat. That is why the other accusation “Coconut Oil is Poison” is another myth and non scientific statement.

Deep frying of traditionally sweets Kawum Kokis for Sri Lankan new Year – Coconut Oil is time tested Stable For Deep frying
Save yourself from Myth, Non scientific statements, and Bogus propaganda.  

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