Types of Coconut Oil Virgin, White and Refined RBD

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil -100% White Kernel | Raw Cold Pressed

The term “Virgin” is used to emphasize that, all nutrients in a nut/seed/ or fruit is preserved when it is converted to the format of oil. For example if leafy greens or veggies are cooked components like vitamins, anti-oxidants, are lost and the nutrition percentage of each nutrient is a bit altered. Thus, if an oil (coconut, olive, avocado) is termed “virgin”, the original fruit/nut is “COLD-PRESSED” (Imagine squeezing out oil of a fruit or seed by hand or in Sekkuwa Chekku. There is no high heat generation). The fruits/nuts used for the pressing should also be fresh in its original form. It cannot be dried in sunlight for weeks (like in “copra”. When coconut flesh is dried in sunlight it is named as Copra), or heated with fire to take out moisture. So virgin coconut oil is RAW and COLD PRESSED to achieve the above qualities.

Since the brown testa is peeled off, to produce one liter extra virgin coconut oil it needs 14 fresh coconuts. The brown testa (“Kurutta”) is removed and only the white flesh is used. But in whole kernel virgin coconut oil, the entire kernel is used. So it needs only 10 fresh coconuts to produce liter of oil. Because in the brown testa (or the peel) it has considerable amount of coconut oil.

Whole Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil is an option available at a lower price range. The difference between Extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) and whole kernel virgin coconut oil (WKVCO) is;

  • EVCO is milled only by 100% white kernel (the brown peel is scraped out and only white flesh is used) and Whole Kernel VCO is milled by the entire kernel (white kernel inclusive of brown testa). EVCO has a creamy taste & mild fragrance and is great for drinking purposes
  • 65% of the fats in EVCO are rapidly converted to energy. (50% Lauric acid and 15% MCTs)
  • WKVCO is slightly lower in price. But both have same usage. But EVCO is used specially for drinking a table spoon purpose.
  • In WKVCO the percentage of fats rapidly converted to energy falls to 55% in WKVCO. (48% Lauric Acid and 7% MCTs)

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