Anointing the Head. Rituals, Traditions & Dementia

Dementia has become a household name at present and in everyday conversations we hear about dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. But it was not a significantly heard or talked word in history. In common sharing of human experiences, the characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease had not been recorded like other diseases.

This is a story about coconut oil, or let us say about healthy oils in general. Like olive oil, coconut oil, cinnamon oil which possess surprisingly amazing health benefits.

Anointing the head takes a significant place in Asian cultures. For example in Sri Lankan New Year rituals and in day to day life, anointing the head of the younger generation is done by an elderly person. The anointing oil uses a mix of coconut oil, wood-apple tree leaves (bael leaves), bay leaves.

The Bible states about incidents where Moses used anointing oil.

Anointing of head in Sri Lankan New Year Rituals
Anointing by Moses

In the modern day speedy techy life style these rituals and traditions have been looked down upon. Theories about consuming virgin coconut oil, ketones, energy to brain activities are popping up frequently. So without just eating or drinking a table spoon of coconut oil, would it be more effective to anoint the head with coconut oil?

Drink a Table spoon of virgin coconut oil to cure dementia
The Rat Race forget Rituals and Traditions

Anointing is a direct application on head and is there any slight relationship in improving brain functions?

These are just childish questions. But Is there a story to be rediscovered? A story to establish a relationship between anointing the head & avoiding risk of Dementia ? Let us keep the story alive, question it, test on it and evaluate the effectiveness. May be we can find a much needed solution to a serious problem.

Build up a Story – See if it works

But for now this is just a story. Just a fairy tale. But our whole life, our planet, our galaxy, everything is explained in stories. Some stories work, some stories don’t.

We shall preserve and keep the useful, workable stories which gives solutions to problems we face in life.

Mothers Breast Milk – Child Growth – Lauric Acid-Coconut Oil “We Make a Story”

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