Mother’s Breast Milk & Raw Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

There are important fatty acids which the world has set their focus upon. To name a few are; omega 3, oleic acid, lauric acid. Fish Oil capsules contain “omega-3” fatty acids, Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains “oleic acid (a type of omega- 9 fatty acids)”, and mother’s breast milk contains “lauric acid”.

Fish Oil capsules
Olive Oil
Breast Milk

The focus on fatty acid is because of below reason.

Glucose for Muscle power – Ketones for Brain power & Muscle power
Most of us are into the idea that energy inside the body is produced exclusively by Glucose. Eating carbohydrate foods produce “glucose energy” inside the body . Popular experience is that glucose drinks are consumed during sports or workouts. But there is another form of producing energy. That is energy production by burning down fats. When fats are burned off, the energy unit is named as “ketones” (similar to when carb is burned off the energy unit is named as “glucose”. But in this case the energy source is fats) .
In a “KETOGENIC DIET”, energy is produced by converting fats (Ketone energy). For this action, the fats consumed by us should be very simple and easy to burn (i.e. Medium Chains – MCT). If we take in “heavy fats”, the body cannot burn them fast, and will get stored as fat.
Benefit of this form of ketone energy is that, it is used in body energy and also as energy for brain functions (Glucose energy is not useful in brain, it is only for body muscles). Ketones boosts immunity and lowers the risk of blood sugar increase. Since energy is not produced from carbohydrates or sugars, it is helpful in losing belly fat. Good fats (that burns fast) are needed in the body to absorb nutrients like vitamins, mineral and anti-oxidants.

Two energy type: Carbs-Glucose & Fats-Ketones
Brain energy by Ketones

Getting back to Mother’s Breast Milk

Without comprehensive theory, by observing the child’s growth “Lauric Acid” can be simply understood as an immunity super star & a brain booster. The only other place on earth, where Lauric Acid is found in such high percentages (approx. 50% of contents)?

In Coconuts. In Raw Cold Pressed Original Coconut Oil milled using the method of Sekkuwa (Chekku is an old era mechanical technique of cold pressing coconut oil). The Sekkuwa / Chekku technology is referenced and in this modern day Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) expellers are produced. Impact of VCO on brain functions can be further understood by the fact that “consuming a table spoon of VCO a day” is becoming a popular trend as a measure against dementia, lose belly fat, improve metabolism, absorb nutrients, improve immunity, whitening teeth, elude bad breadth.

As the ox moves in circular motion the wooden pole in the stone pestle presses out oil from coconut flesh
Modern Cold Press Expeller
Mothers Breast Milk – Superfood for immunity & brain functions

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