Why Olive Oil is Bad for Frying

Virgin Olive oil is not good for deep frying health wise

Olive oil is made-up of 80% unsaturated fats (i.e.in chemistry knowledge, unsaturated fats have a double bond between carbon atoms in the fatty acid chain). When virgin olive oil undergoes deep frying or high temperature cooking, these fatty acid chains break apart from that double bond location. After breaking apart and due to high heat, next they form carcinogenic or cancer causing compounds. So virgin olive oil is bad for deep frying and high temperature cooking.

The easily breakable property of olive oil (that is why olive oil is stored in dark green black bottles. The fats in olive oil easily break when heat is applied)is beneficial in raw cooking or as a salad dressing. Because it breaks apart in your body easily and turn into energy without depositing in the body. But if heat is applied, the broken fats re create themselves as carcinogenic compounds to harm your body. Virgin olive oil best preforms as a raw oil or low temperature cooking.

Healthiest Oil to Deep Fry

Fats in oil are made up of Carbon atoms bonded together like a chain. Some chains are long and some are short. Some chains have a weak link in the middle of the chain and it easily breaks at that weak point. These chains are called Unsaturated Fats. The real name for Fats should be “Fatty Acids”. But for ease we shall call them Fats.

Some chains are fully surrounded with hydrogen atoms so that there is no weak joint in the chain to break apart. So this type of fat chains are called “Saturated Fats”. Meaning the chain is fully saturated with hydrogen atoms all around the carbon chain without leaving any room for a weak joint. In unsaturated fats, hydrogen atoms are not fully surrounding the carbon chain, and they leave a weak joint to be broken. So unsaturated fats mean “it is not saturated with hydrogen atoms all around, and there is a small gap that can be broken”.

Based on this basic story, unsaturated fats like olive oil, sunflower oil can be easily broken down inside the body to small parts and it is easy to digest. Yes it is true. But Olive oil can also become poison cancerous due to deep frying, breaking at the weak joint and forming carcinogenic compounds.

“All surrounded with Hydrogen” Vs “Not so surrounded there is a gap”
Deep frying with Oil

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